Fti Grant Agreement

Under Horizon 2020, the FTI grant is conditional on an FTI project contributing to Horizon 2020`s overall objectives. This may involve strengthening the industrial leadership of European industry and/or contributing to solving societal problems. Beyond this condition, there are no predefined topics that a project must fill. The European Commission hopes that the “Fast Track to Innovation” programme will be made more accessible. The objective of the FTI is that all proposals submitted will be evaluated on these dates. Six months after the deadline, the time required to conclude the grant contract is the start of the project. The reference dates for 2020 are set: the funding period for participants should not exceed six months. As with other innovation actions, EU funds are set at 70% of eligible costs. The maximum EU contribution per measure is EUR 3 million. Few FTI project proposals are selected for funding.

During the 2015-2016 period, 333 proposals were made on the reference date. Only 15/16 funding proposals per reference date were selected, or less than 5%. To be as sure as possible that you are receiving funds from the Fast Track to Innovation program, it is advisable to seek help from an external consulting firm. At MK, we can help you complete the application, manage project management and more. Fill out our contact form below and get help from one of our 35 scholarship specialists. European cooperation within the consortium/cooperation project is a prerequisite for the Fast Track to Innovation programme. The consortium will include at least 3 to 5 partners up to 3 to 5 EU Member States or associated countries. The majority, at least 60% of the participating partners, must come from the business world, but also from partners from public organizations and knowledge-based institutions.

The launch is to take place three years after the launch of the FTI project. The power of uniqueness with a strong business case has the most influence on the evaluation of an application.