Legal Services Agreement Deutsch

If you opt for a TPP, the terms of this agreement remain applicable. We give your TPP the same technical interface that you have access to, allowing your TPP to access information about your electronic money account and initiate payments on your behalf. Although you are generally not allowed to transfer your Stripe account to others, you can pass it on to a TPP if it is necessary to allow them to make their services available to you. We may deny a TPP access to your electronic money account if we reasonably believe that the TPP is acting on an unauthorized or fraudulent basis. We will tell you if we do it if it does not jeopardize our security measures or if it does not, it would be illegal. Stripe may meet any rights of seizure, pledge, customs duties, subpoenas, arrest warrants or other legal orders (“judicial proceedings”) that we consider valid. We or a payment agency (or, if applicable, the payment agent for the method of payment) may provide or hold funds or, subject to the terms of our privacy policy, the necessary data in such a legal procedure, even if you receive funds or data on behalf of other parties. To the extent permitted by law, we will do everything in our power to communicate such a legal process to you by sending you a copy to the email address we have registered for you. Stripe is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses that may occur as a result of our reaction or compliance with legal proceedings.

Finally, Section E describes your liability to Stripe for all losses related to your Stripe account, your agreement to resolve all disputes with Stripe through arbitration proceedings and not in a lawsuit, and other legal conditions that apply to you. Networks can change network rules at any time without notice, and Stripe reserves the right to change payment services at any time to comply with network rules. We may share with the networks (and the payment method of acquire) the information you provide us, which we use to identify the nature of your products or services, including the assignment of your business activities to a specific code of the payment network merchant category (MCC).