Ppt On Void Agreement

4 ACCORDS OPPOSED TO PUBLIC POLICYRegoce with hostile prosecutions maintenance and transport champerty in connection with public functions Agreement with regard to the creation of interest against marriage bargaining agreement for the creation of monopolies Influence agreements Elections to the public offer Agreement restricting personal freedom agreement to disrupt marital obligations the empty agreement and non-multisity example : An agreement reached by minors – Agreement without consideration, agreement contrary to public order, etc. 8 B) Exceptions under the Common Lawi) Service agreements: during employment, service contracts often contain a clause prohibiting the worker from working elsewhere during the duration of the contract. Any reluctance towards a worker not to engage in a similar activity or to accept a similar undertaking after the termination of his activity is a nullity. (ii) Commercial combinations: it is not illegal to enter into an agreement between different companies in the context of a commercial grouping, in order to maintain a price level and avoid under-sales. (iii) Agreement limiting criminal history (p. 28): any agreement preventing a party from fully asserting its contractual rights through ordinary proceedings or limiting the time within which it can assert its rights is null and void in this regard. Exceptions to this rule are: (a) An agreement to refer all future contract disputes to arbitration. b) An agreement to refer to arbitration all outstanding disputes concerning a contract. (c) an agreement that limits the right of one of the parties to sue in a particular court. The betting contract is null and void and is not illegal, a collateral contract may be imposed by law. COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS AND WAGERS The intention to bet must be between the two parties. If only one of the parties to the agreement intended that the agreement should be reached for the payment of disputes and that other parties were not aware of the fact, the agreement is applicable.

LOTTERY: – If a betting transaction is equivalent to a lottery, it is illegal and punishable according to Sec 294-A of the Indian Penal Code. WAGER – INSURANCE CONTRACTS An insurance contract is not a gamble, although it is feasible in the event of an uncertain event. That is because the parties are interested in it. But insurance on the life of a person who is not interested in the insurer is zero as a bet. 10 WHAT IS A “VOID CONTRACT”? Article 2, point (j) A contract that is no longer enforceable by law expires when it is no longer enforceable. Void and Voidable Agreement Example: Asif forced Bilu to enter into a contract for the sale of the House Bilus to him.