Tsawwassen Self Government Agreement

c. quickly identify inconsistencies and resolve them as quickly and economically as possible; and 110. After receiving section 109 notice from Tsawwassen First Nation, British Columbia and Tsawwassen First Nation will negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement on an aquaculture period under provincial legislation. e. that Tsawwassen First Nation`s reliance on tax transfers should decrease over time when they self-staff; and b. between one or more States and one or more international bodies, whether this agreement is present in a single instrument or in two or more related acts, regardless of its particular name; i. to disclose the publication of the arbitration or agreement; or 33. Subject to clauses 34 and 35 or an agreement under Clause 32, Tsawwassen First Nation, if it makes a written request to British Columbia, will discuss the impact of legislation or regulations in British Columbia and Tsawwassen First Nation. Tsawwassen First Nation and British Columbia can negotiate agreements and try to find alternatives to obligations that would otherwise apply under clauses 29, 30, 31 and 33. 21. In the absence of an agreement between the utility company and Tsawwassen First Nation within the allotted time, the utility, at the request of Tsawwassen First Nation, will agree with Tsawwassen First Nation to refer the issue of compensation to arbitration under the Commercial Arbitration Act. 52. Contracting parties may enter into agreements regarding one or more of the personal, general or other information relating to the collection, protection, retention, use, disclosure and confidentiality of personal, general or other information.

95. Canada and Tsawwassen First Nation may negotiate agreements on the activities of the Tsawwassen First Nation as part of improvement initiatives and stewardship activities. 46. If an arbitrator determines the fundamental right to harvest for a species, the Minister and Tsawwassen First Nation attempt to reach an agreement as soon as possible on the allocation of Tsawwassen for that species. 11. Subject to the provisions of this agreement, inconsistencies that are not resolved informally will progress until they are resolved in the following phases: 17.