What Is An Online Access Agreement

Limits on the amounts and frequency of TRANSACTIONs HORIZON ONLINE — The number of bank ETF account transfers and amounts that can be transferred are limited under the terms of the applicable filing agreement and disclosure of these accounts. If a deposit has been placed into an account from which you wish to transfer money, you cannot transfer the held portion of the money until the hold expires. 39. Email address for unsecured notifications: Unsecured notifications can be sent to the email address you list as the main email address for the online bank. You can change your email address online via the online bank, but it will also change the email address we register for you. We may offer you additional options/preferences for providing different messages related to your online financial accounts or services. Below is a brief description of the different features and requirements for using extracts and documents online. We may, at our sole discretion, add, modify or delete any function of online excerpts and documents. The provisions of this section apply only to electronic transfers (EFTs) that weigh or credit a consumer`s control, savings or other heritage accounts and are subject to Regulation E, which is implemented by the Federal Electronic Money Transfer Act.

You can find the terms and conditions that apply to efts that incriminate or credit a brokerage account in your brokerage account contract, not this agreement. More than two business days after learning about the loss or theft of your access device (including password) up to 60 days after we send you a return with the first unauthorized transmission with the access device (including the password). Extended consent: This consent (consent) regulates the electronic transmission of information. Information includes monthly or periodic statements, statements, communications, confirmations, certificates, tax documents, terms and conditions, prospectuses or other offer documents, account opening requests, agreements and changes applicable to your accounts, or any other information we may send to you or in the future in accordance with applicable legislation to your accounts. You will find concrete examples in the definition of information in Part 4 – definitions. Access to funds: Images are treated as the original paper instrument and are subject to the same conditions as the deposit account contract and customer card contract, including our standard coverage policy and access to money limits. In particular, depositing an instrument into your deposit account with mobile cheque deposit is treated as if you had deposited the instrument in our ATMs.