Time Commitment Agreement

I am inspired by how our communities come together to help each other. I am humble about my own team and its commitment to adversity, and I am grateful that we can serve our employees, customers and partners. Subject to the provisions of the time commitment agreement and the exclusivity provisions of Article II of the trade agreement, a member of the Board of Directors is required to devote only the necessary time to the development issues that are reasonably necessary to perform the duties of the board member of the board of directors and allow the board to do so taking into account the significance of all other members of the Board of Directors. to control the management of business and development in accordance with this agreement. With contractual commitments, you can set funds for in-kind account activities and obligations at the time of establishing a contract lender contract. When requirements and orders are established referring to an agreement, the amount of the agreement will be reduced by the amount of the commitment defined for the requirement or order. At the end of the contract period, you can enter into the agreement manually if there is a balance outstanding. At this unprecedented time, it is essential for all of us to help each other. We want to ensure that the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is a top priority for us and we will use all our resources to help those in the safest way in the safest way possible. For 25 years, HighPoint has been trying to do the right thing by acting with integrity and commitment. Now more than ever, we are using this as a compass to navigate these difficult times.

Contractual obligations may be established for contracts, framework contracts, permanent contracts, service contracts or catalogue contracts. Mike Mendiburu President and CEO | HighPoint Subject to the time agreement provisions and exclusivity provisions under Article II of the trade agreement, a member of the board of directors may serve other companies or companies in any capacity that the board member deems appropriate to his or her sole discretion. See HighPoint`s CEO commitment letter in PDF format to this agreement, as well as the exhibits specifically mentioned in this agreement and the intellectual property agreement to be concluded by CDP, Michael A. We recognize that technology is an important asset for the millions of people who work and learn from home. People need secure access to infrastructure to continue to provide services to the community. These are the heroes who care for those who fight the virus. Most of our staff also work remotely. Wherever we are, we are here to help us, so feel free to ask us for help. Tom and I have told our entire team that if we learn that the needs of a single client, community or team are emerging, “find a way” to help us and create difficult problems for us so that we can bring our collective minds together and work together.