Unece Aetr Agreement

. The international movement and connectivity are facing unprecedented challenges as more and more countries around the world close their borders and impose travel restrictions in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. In order to facilitate the work of transport companies and to keep supply chains as fluid as possible, a “COVID-19 Border Status Observatory” is launched to collect all up-to-date information on trans-border borders around the world. See also how TIR keeps borders open. Uzbekistan joined the additional protocol to the RMC through the e-car letter (e-CMR), 2008 (map of contracting parties). . . . Oman has joined the International Road Freight Contract (WRC) agreement (contracting parties) and the ADDITIONAL protocol to the RMC regarding the 2008 e-car letter (e-CMR). In addition, it is essential to make timely statistics, as these unprecedented short-term effects need to be monitored. For example, the EEC-UN has also created a wiki on relevant short-term transport statistics, categorized by country and theme. Turkmenistan presented six legal instruments on transport infrastructure and road safety.

Afghanistan has acceded to the Convention on the International Road Freight Transport Treaty (WRC) (contracting party map).